Is There an Elf on Your Shelf?

The minute I met him I was smitten. Our eyes connected last year at a Barnes and Noble… it was love at first sight. I had to have him. I bought myself my “kids” one and a second for Michael, my friend Lori’s 10 year old son.

I couldn’t wait to tell my kids the story of The Elf… to start a new Moeller Family Tradition.  A tradition they would treasure for years to come… one they would pass on to their children and grandchildren. I explained that every night Mr. Cutie Petutie hides and in the morning they have to find him. Since they don’t live here anymore, the deal is whenever they stop by, they have to look for him. They think I’m crazy.

Ashley’s fiance, Greg, humored me last night. He discovered Mr. Elf’s hiding spot and in true Christmas spirit, he re-hid him for me to find tonight. I love Greg.

Michael’s (my son) fiance, Ashley, (the future Ashley Moeller) said he was creepy. Creepy? He is soooooo not creepy. Despite that comment, I love Ashley too.

Ashley’s friend, Jessica, thinks they’re creepy too, but said this on facebook:

Apparently she can deal with the creepiness if it means the kids will be good until Christmas, haha!

Lori’s son thought he was creepy too. They gave their elf away. I would have been crushed except they gave him to an adorable little baby boy who I know will grow up loving his little Elf on a Shelf.

Some people like Laura over at Come Together Kids are pretty serious about their Elf:

I have a feeling that Jessica’s Elf will leave a note like the one above!

Others like to create some elaborate displays

Ashley over at Little Blue Boo has been cracking me up with her Elf named Buddy. Buddy has been in all kinds of mischief this year and last…

He’s even been shamed:

Yesterday I saw these free printables for your Elf from Amy over at Living Locurto

I need to get with the program and start by naming my Elf – any suggestions?

I’m heading to Florida tomorrow to work with Gigi for a week or so… I’m thinking I might just bring along my favorite Elf. xo Amy

P.S. Did all those Ashleys and Michaels confuse you? There’s Ashley, my daughter; Ashley, my future daughter-in-law; Ashley, my favorite creative blogger; Michael,my son and Michael, my friend’s son.

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