Juicing: A First Time Shopping List with Suggestions

If you’re dabbling in juicing or getting ready to begin a juice fast, you will probably search for a shopping list to help you get started. When I first started juicing I looked high and low for a shopping list and never did find one, so today I put together a shopping list and tips just for you!

First a few shopping tips…

  1. In the Beginning, stick to one or two basic recipes (see mine below) that you like and make those most of the time. Making two basic recipes most of the time makes juicing fast and easy – I find that if juicing is easy, it’s easier to stick with it. Once settled in, you can begin to explore one or two new recipes a week. New variations here and there are nice, but don’t shop for a bunch of different recipes each week. If you do, you’ll find that not only will you have waste at the end of the week, but will have spent more money as well.
  2. Avoid waste by not overbuying produce. You can avoid waste by following my suggestion above and also by going to the store twice a week. I buy the bulk of my produce on Sunday at either Sam’s or Costco. I’ll often make a second stop on Sunday at Kroger or Meijer for items that I didn’t buy (because of price, condition or availability)  or couldn’t find at Sam’s or Costco. On Wednesday or Thursday I’ll make a quick stop at the grocery – usually Kroger, Whole Foods, Meijer or Wal-Mart, to fill in whatever I need to get me through till Sunday. This may seem overwhelming, but after a few weeks you won’t need a list, you’ll start to know your prices and may enjoy a quick run through the produce department. This is really hard to believe in the beginning, but it’s true :)
  3. Shop smart. Follow the suggestions above and you’ll find you will save money by having less waste and getting the best prices. Make sure to read weekly sale flyers for specials and look for seasonal items which are always priced lower.
My thoughts on Organic vs Non-Organic

I love organic. I would love to only buy organic, but realistically I can’t always afford it. I do compare prices – sometimes organic is the same or even less. Sometimes it’s lots more. If I can afford it I buy it. If I can’t I don’t.

If it’s not organic: I would love to tell you that I peel my non-organic fruits and vegetables, but I don’t. I would never juice if I took the time to peel everything. It would make me crazy. I do wash my fruit and veggies – especially my non-organic. In the end, I believe juicing organic is better than non-organic and juicing non-organic is better than not juicing at all.

Here are the two basic recipes I would start with…

Green Juice

  • 4 or 5 large handfuls of spinach leaves
  • a large handful of small kale leaves (from a bag) or 4 large kale leaves from a bunch (no stems)
  • 1/2 of a peeled cucumber
  • 4 stalks of celery
  • 2 medium green apples
  • 1/2  (peeled) lemon OR if don’t love the lemon, use a small tip of ginger.

Carrot, Apple, Ginger

  • 6 or 7 medium carrots
  • 2 green apples OR 1 apple + 1 kiwi OR 1 apple + plus some chunks of pineapple
  • 1 small tip of ginger. Note: if you are not used to ginger, the rule is to start with a small amount – about the size of a nickel, but a bit thicker. I now use a much larger piece, but in the beginning, even a small amount made me say “wow!”.

OPTION: To mix it up a bit, use 4 carrots and a 1/2 of sweet potato. 

Here is a suggested shopping list:

I’ve also added a few optional items that I highly recommend to have on hand…

Herbal tea for when you need something to take the edge off, stevia to sweeten the tea (the only brand I like is Nu Stevia – some are really bitter) and smooth move – a tea for light constipation.

Tip: Sip on the tea the minute you realize you are not regular. It will not cramp you up or hit you inconveniently!

Additionally, here is a printable list of additional recipes: I got most of these recipes from Join the Reboot.

FYI… Don’t be so quick to make judgement on new juice recipes. Experiment a bit and keep trying/re-trying new things. I thought I hated beets in the beginning… even blogged about how I hated them, but after a while my taste buds began to crave the juices and like new things… like beets. You can read that story here.

One last thing is I would not recommend that you start juicing cold turkey – a little bit of preparation will make the first three days so much more bearable. I am not a huge fan of an elaborate pre-juicing regiment or shopping list. I explain my simple three-day prep  in this article. If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to. It should help you to get started and avoid some misery those first three days as your body detoxes… get through those first three days and on day four of a juice fast you will feel fabulous!

Don’t want to do a fast? Try adding a juice or two each day to replace a meal or snack and you will love it! That’s how I started and since then I’ve lost over 67 lbs!

I hope this is helpful!
Happy juicing! xo Amy


7 thoughts on “Juicing: A First Time Shopping List with Suggestions

  1. Hi Amy! I found your blog on jointhereboot.com, but can’t seem to find it on the site now. I have decided I’m going to give juicing a try. Still debating when to start. I purchased juicer yesterday and have made a carrot and apple juice and the mean green that Joe makes. I watched the the movie yesterday. WOW!

    I have been reading over your blog and love all your advice! Can you assist me through this journey? I plan to join the reboot website also.

    I will have to take juice to work also. How many ounces are the mason jars you are using? And tell me about the Minestrone soup- do you purchase online?


    • Hi Amber! I think you will love Juicing! That movie changed my life, for sure! I’m going to juice along with following the Eat to Live plan and then do a Juice fast in mid February. I would love to keep in touch as you start this journey! That’s what makes the journey fun is having people share it with! The Reboot site forums are great for support too.

      My mason jars are 16 oz and the recipes generally are 16 oz as well. The trick is to fill them to the brim so there isn’t any oxygen in the jar. The minestrone soup I love is Smokehouse Gold Rush Minestrone Soup. I usually get a 4 pack on Amazon, but it is out of stock. I did find it here.

      A package of the soup mix makes enough for the week – I usually make it on Sundays. I follow the directions and add a can – sometimes two, of crushed/diced tomatoes, but leave out the pasta and meat. I also add a chopped onion along with a few chopped carrots and stalks of celery. You could also add mushrooms, but I’m not a big fan of mushrooms in soup.

  2. Hello,

    Great info. I care across this while getting ready for my ling weekend reboot. Thank you for sharing you experiences!


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